Palatine Unemployment Drops

The Chicago Tribune reports over the last two years, Palatine’s unemployment rate is one of the most improved in the Northwest suburban area.

At 7 percent, Palatine’s unemployment rate is among the most improved in the Northwest suburbs, the Chicago Tribune reports.

In two years July’s unemployment rate in Palatine has dropped down to 7 percent. That’s a 1.4 percent improvement from the unemployment rate in July of 2010 at 8.4 percent. In comparison, the Chicago Tribune reports Palatine's unemployment rate was at 5.1 percent in July of 2008, 1.9 percent less than the current rate.

Palatine’s 7 percent unemployment rate is lower than the state’s rate at 9.3 percent as well as the national rate at 8.6 percent, the Chicago Tribune reports. 

Palman September 08, 2012 at 04:48 AM
Job creation is great, but at what cost? Here comes more illegal aliens, Section 8 housing, villains, thieves, and scoundrels. Palatine Cmdr. Kurt Schroeder can't control his slum area, sections 8180, 8170 and 8160. Where do you think people will live? Baldwin Green looks like what Robert Taylor Homes in Chicago appeared before they were torn down. That's an idea, tear down Baldwin Green so everyone there goes back. Unemployment down -- crime up. What a compromise! It's not so bad if Palatine can only take control of the northwest corner, it's ugly, looks impoverised and just a plain eye sore.
james urban September 08, 2012 at 04:16 PM
LOL and where has the hiring happened. What sector has hired, private or public? It does not seem to mention that. But i see a citizen complaining about what is also happening in my suburb, not to mention we are changing our boundries for school districts with out any tax payers being allowed to vote on it. We pay for d230 schools and enrollment is down in one of our schools so we are just going to let kids of another district that does not pay taxes for our schools to go to our schools.
Shawn September 09, 2012 at 01:34 AM
Northeast is where I think you meant rand / dundee/ baldwin and lake cook
Jim September 09, 2012 at 05:52 PM
7% Unemployment? Only reflects those whose benefits ran out or gave up looking for a job. Take a look at Sunday's Trib page 2. General unemployment is more like 15%. Besides those who fell off the rolls, took lower paying jobs, how many have moved out because they lost their homes or could not afford the taxes here anymore. Look how many empty homes there are now. Pretty soon all of Palatine will look like Baldwin Gardens.
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