Poll Results: Readers Consider Speed Cameras a Moneymaker

Few think safety will be affected.

When Patch ran an article by Ed Collins last week along with a poll to cite its owner for exceeding the limit, an overwhelming number of readers thought it was just a money maker for the Village. 

Of the 40 responses, 31 indicated a belief that the purpose of using cameras to detect speeding in Deerfield was to enhance the Village’s revenue. Five people thought it would make conditions safer and four thought it would have no effect on safety. 

One reader, Daniel Krudop, gave readers a lesson in the New Testament teachings and Aristotelian philosophy with his sole comment to the article. We welcome more of the same from him and everyone else. 

“There are several ways I consider the act of speeding,” Krudop wrote. “As a Christian individual, I believe Romans 13:1-7 directs me to obey the civil authorities as I would obey God.” 

Krudop went on to describe the ancient Greek philosopher’s view of a free person and a slave. He writes a citizen “obeys the law because he or she understands that only adherence to the law will allow all to be free.” A slave, he reasons, obeys out of fear of punishment.

“When I see someone driving with a radar detector or someone who brakes when they see a police car, my first thought is there goes a slave,” Krudop writes.

carl coulson December 12, 2011 at 01:53 PM
Stupid Deerfield, you should take a page from Lincolnshire's play book, beautiful 4 lane state route 22, speed limit of 35 when your funds get low and there's not enough money being hauled in by your tax collector, just start handing out tickets to everyone with their idling cars on Deerfield road in the morning,(double dipper there) or better yet just start mailing fines out to all the county and state residents, at some time, some one must have sped in your sleepy village, never mind that it inconveniences the residents the most, and if you built a moat around your town with a draw bridge, you could keep all the invading hoards of outsiders away! Who cares about the local business owners wanting traffic, they're all the evil 1%'s anyway, they should all be banished from your town, stripped of their worldly possessions, and be forced to eat gruel like all the rest of the poor unemployed down trodden masses. While you're at it,(legislating), look into the fact's how red light cameras have actually increased the incidence of accidents and property loss. Can't wait for the insurance companies to put two and three together to figure they need to raise our rates again for the towns thay employ those little slot machines. Here we are again, big push for the horse and buggy, make everyone become Amish is the answer! Think about how green all our home grown crops will be with all the cheap and green fertilizer.
RB December 12, 2011 at 03:42 PM
I don't think the 'poll' had anything to do with Village Government. I am not aware of any proposal by the Village for either Red Light Cameras or Speed Cameras. I know that the board in the past has opposed red light cameras. The board seems to avoid use of cameras as additional ways to legislate.
Ed Collins December 12, 2011 at 04:49 PM
As author of the original opinion article on this subject, RB is exactly right - this poll did not mean to insinuate that Deerfield officials were considering plans to install speed cameras here. I was talking about the General Assembly's recent approval of Chicago's (only) request to install speed cameras in their designated school safety zones. In my opinion, to their credit our Deerfield Village government, has previously turned down the installation of red light cameras in the Village. I think it highly unlikely that the current, or a future Board, would propose speed cameras here. As the results of this poll indicates, such a move would not be popular here.


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