Readers Blog About Petraeus Affair on Patch

A Highland Park rabbi wonders whether or not David Petraeus needed to resign from the CIA after news about his affair got out, while Lisa Barr wonders if marriages can survive adultery. What do you think?

Talk about writing yourself into your own story.

By now, everyone seems to know the tale of CIA director David Petraeus, who resigned on election day after news broke that he had been carrying on an affair with Paula Broadwell -- his biographer.

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As more details continue to unfold, including the timeline about when the affair started, how Petreaus' wife is taking the news and why no one outside of the F.B.I. knew about the affair for months, readers have begun using the story to open up some fascinating discussions on Patch.

In her blog post, Can A Marriage Survive An Affair?, Lisa Barr calls infidelity "the most complicated of all marital subjects to tackle." She reaches out to men and women of different ages to get their opinions on whether or not their marriages could survive an affair.

In his thoughtful post, Did General Petraeus Have to Resign?, Congregation Solel Rabbi Evan Moffic discusses how surprised people were to hear that someone who conveyed such buttoned-up discipline could make such an impulsive choice. His conclusion: appearances often conceal more than they reveal. And while Moffic believes Petraeus can be forgiven, he thinks the general still needed to resign. 

What do you think? Did Petreaus need to resign? Can his marriage survive his affair? Read the blog posts above, then leave a comment below.

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