Kirk Improving, Asks for Cell Phone

Doctor credits senator’s general good health and age with progress.


condition improved overnight from a stroke suffered Saturday but his status remains serious, according to Dr. Richard Fessler of Northwestern Memorial Hospital. 

Kirk is now breathing on his own. Fessler was pleased with Kirk’s responses to inquiries and continues to offer a positive prognosis. 

“Senator Kirk improved overnight,” Fessler said. “He is breathing on his own. He is talking, answering questions appropriately and quickly, he even asked for his Blackberry.” 

Fessler credits Kirk’s age, 52, and his ability to take care of himself with his progress. He does not know the cause of the stroke. 

“The Senator is young and he lives a healthy lifestyle, so he should do very well,” Fessler said. “The cause of his stroke is unknown; however it is not likely that it was related to stress or diet.” 

While Kirk recovers, his offices in Chicago and Washington will remain open to constituents. Citizens of Illinois will continue to receive the same level of service provided for the past year, according to a spokesperson.


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