Village Board Advances Alternative Energy Ordinance

“You know, we've committed to [environmental efforts],” said Trustee Mary Oppenheim of the Village of Deerfield, “and I think it's a priority for us...”

Check the aisles of the nearest for a freestanding wind turbine and you probably won't find it on the shelf next to discounted AAA batteries.

It is not that the popular pharmacy is unaware of the alternative energy source, widely recognized by its aeronautical-like blades—it certainly is. So much so, the company was the first to ask the Village of Deerfield about installing a small, wind turbine within their headquarters at 200 Wilmot Road.

And the recent inquiry is a mere hint of what may come from the village's proposed alternative energy ordinance that addresses proper zoning for wind, solar and geothermal sources.

During its regular meeting Tuesday, the board unanimously adopted updated amendments to the proposal that has been in the works for about a year, according to Trustee Mary Oppenheim.


“This was the first reading (of the ordinance), then we'll have one more and then it will be passed,” Oppenheim, a landscape designer, said. “I've always worked in the environment, outside, so it's very dear to my heart and something I'm committed to.”

Check back soon for a more detailed story on Deerfield Patch tomorrow.


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