Ron Paul Wins Illinois Straw Poll

Kirk pleased with effort he created. Dold to endorse soon.

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) easily won the Illinois Straw Poll Saturday as the state’s Republicans showed their preference for their party’s presidential nomination to oppose President Barack Obama.

The Illinois Straw Poll was originally the idea of . Kirk originally announced the plan Feb. 6 in an effort to give Illinois Republicans a greater voice in the presidential nominating process. 

“Illinois can play a role in the presidential selection process with this straw poll,” Kirk said Saturday at the Wheeling Township Republican Headquarters in Arlington Heights. The site is one of 20 around the state.

With Illinois’s primary set March 20 Kirk is afraid the state may not have much influence picking the Republican nominee. Voters will begin making choices in Iowa Jan. 3 and New Hampshire Jan. 10. 

“Illinois is usually a flyover between Iowa and New Hampshire,” Kirk said. “To have a straw poll one year to the day (of the presidential election) gives Illinois voters a voice in the nominating process.” 

Kirk has yet to endorse any of the Republican candidates and has no immediate plans to name a choice. Though he would not disclose his vote, Kirk cast a ballot on line earlier this week. Voting began Oct. 29. 

“I was worried about numbers but now I’m not,” Kirk said. More than 5,000 people had voted on line by 10 a.m. Saturday according to Kirk.

Paul took 52 percent of the votes cast both on line through the week and in person yesterday in 20 locations throughout the state. Georgia businessman Herman Cain was second (18 %), former Massachusetts Mitt Romney third (14 %), and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich fourth (9 %). 

Far behind were Texas Gov. Rick Perry (2.5 %), former Utah Gov. John Huntsman (1.5 %), former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) and Rep. Michele Bachmann (1.1 %).

of Highland Park, a Lincolnshire pediatrician who is running for the seat being vacated by retiring thinks the Illinois Straw Poll has national significance. 

“I think the Illinois Straw Poll is a great idea,” Friedman said. “In the home state of the sitting President (Barack Obama) it’s important for the nation and Illinois Republicans to know how we feel.”

Though Kirk has yet to make an endorsement, told Patch Saturday in Arlington Heights he will be making his choice public soon. He cast his ballot at the Arlington Heights site Saturday. 

“The straw poll is a way for people to get engaged,” Dold said. “This gives them a chance to express their choice. 

of Northbrook was also there. He is the only Republican challenger to state Rep. Elaine Nekritz (D-Northbrook) so far. He did not express a preference for his party’s nomination either. 

“I’ve been focused on my own race. The presidential race will play out on its own,” Greenberg said. “I will have knocked on my two thousandth door next week or the week after,” he added about his effort to win a seat in the General Assembly. 

Dold joins bipartisan fiscal effort 

A few days earlier Dold took part in a bipartisan effort to influence the Congressional Super Committee currently trying to cut government deficit by an additional $1.2 trillion by the end of the month. 

Dold was one of 100 members of Congress—60 Democrats and 40 Republicans—to sign a letter asking the committee to consider all possibilities including ways to increase revenue. 

“We need a big bold bipartisan plan if we are going to get spending under control,” Dold said. “This has to pass the House and Senate. We want them to know there is support.” 

Dold recognizes an increased government revenue stream could reduce the need to cut some spending. “If we eliminate tax loopholes and cut the corporate tax rate it will broaden the revenue stream,” he said. 

J C November 06, 2011 at 02:04 PM
Illinois politics, An embarrassment at best !
T Stirhen November 06, 2011 at 03:14 PM
It's not an embarrassment at all, JC. Nice to get the word out that most mass media ignores per their orders. Did you realize that a huge part of the voting public is not even aware of what a Domestic Enemy of the USA is? It's kind of important to least least know what makes one so that a voter can recognize and stop them. "Domestic Enemies are those in our government who pursue legislation and programs that are against the powers and principles held within the US Constitution. They are the individuals who create laws/etc that goes against the Constitution's restraint on the three branches of our government. They are also the ones who destroys or weakens the Rights of the people as guaranteed by the Constitution." Don't you find that important to know? It shows that this complete administration are Domestic Enemies and are currently illegally in the office or position they are in.
T Stirhen November 06, 2011 at 03:21 PM
JC, what about Fast and Furious (Operation Gunrunner)? Did you know that in 2009 POTUS Obama (Holder and others too) fought to fund it? 1st attempt failed, but it ended up funded from H.R.1 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 - $10,000,000 shall be transferred to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Salaries and Expenses for the ATF Project Gunrunner. There is a 2009 Obama news release about it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PNhYk9NuNc&feature=player_embedded# This means that with weapons being sold to gunrunners for a foreign country, intended for those hostile to America; then used on American soil to injure and kill American citizens means that he and those who assisted him in any way with this are Traitors and Murderers (look up our murder laws)
Paul Michael November 06, 2011 at 08:53 PM
Just read the book "Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look At The Federal Reserve", and you'll see why the people that have actually listened to Ron Paul are so passionate about him. So few people will take the time to really listen to him. They just find it easier to write him off without giving him an honest chance.
Liberty November 06, 2011 at 09:44 PM
I couldn't of said it better myself. Ron Paul has stood for the Constitution for thirty years. He has a consistent voting record. There is no other Presidental Candidate that has a plan to reduce our deficit within three years. Look at Obamas deficit commission. He request one and he doesn't implement not even one suggestion. His administration has increased our debt by the largest amount and the fastest than any other previous President. And, we are about to be downgraded once again. One in five Americans is on some type or Federal Assistance Program. And, the regulations and taxes have killed the U.S. job growth. Big Government Romney is definately not the solution. And Cain has no foreign policy experience, sexually allegiations, he has flip flopped on seven issues - ranging from Abortion,the Electric Fence, Muslim Cabinet Members, Three Page Bills, TARP, Guantanamo Bay Prisoner Swap,and the Federal Reserve Audit. RON PAUL IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE THAT CAN RETURN US TO A CONSTITIUTIONALLY BASED GOVERNMENT, RESTORE OUR LIBERTIES, AND MAKE US A PROPEROUS NATION ONCE AGAIN
Louis Nardozi November 06, 2011 at 11:36 PM
The so-called "scientific" polls include questions designed to strip out support for Ron Paul. This is done to prevent popular support for his positions, which entail cutting federal spending by trillions of dollars. If you want to talk straw polls, like the one Herman Cain has won, he has won FIFTEEN. CPAC, Phoenix Tea Party, Sacramento RLC, New Orleans RLC, Clay County Iowa, NH Young Republicans, Cincinnati Tea Party, California, Values Voter, RPLAC, Charleston County, Columbus, Des Moines Tally 1, Des Moines Tally 2, and Illinois. Try to follow the chain of logic. You're getting a trillion dollars from Uncle Sam. You spend probably 200-300 billion in advertising. Who sells advertising? If you're an advertiser, do you want to hire a TV station that runs news stories that show out of control spending, or would you prefer an advertiser that runs stories saying how needed spending is? How about websites that popularize Ron Paul? Do you really want to spend your money (that you got from the government in the first place) advertising on web sites that promote cutting all that spending? Or do you prefer to subsidize websites that cast all that spending as completely necessary and any effort to cut the ravings of a madman? What do you think? Can We the People support him enough to get in? What is it worth to you to have control of your own life again? What is it worth to see your children grow up free? If it buys freedom for my children, it'll be worth it.
Jack Steen November 09, 2011 at 09:27 PM
TeaKlux RepubliKlan nonsense. Buh bye, RepubliKlan, come 2012 !!


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