Fragrances for the gods now available for humans!

Information about aromatherapy perfumes

The word perfume comes from the Latin per fuman, “through burning.” Dried herbs and resins release their fragrances when burned on hot coal and rocks. It was probably one of the earliest healing methods. People watched smoke rise to the sky, where some imagined gods resided. This rising smoke became a kind of fragrant communication between people and their gods. With the smoke, people sent prayers, offerings, and wishes. The most precious and fragrant herbs were chosen as gifts for the gods. Frankincense was often dedicated to them. Everyone present for this community ritual also benefitted from the fragrances – perhaps why they continued this practice.

      Of course, perfumes have been used since ancient times as aphrodisiacs – tender messengers. Fragrances can bewitch the most sober people. When Cleopatra prepared herself to meet Mark Anthony, everything around her was perfumed, down to the sails of her ship. Chroniclers report that “even the wind was in an ecstasy of love.” The queen obviously succeeded in her romantic quest.

      Originally, perfumes were produced using only natural essential oils. Today, however, we cannot find a single commercial perfume that consists of these oils only. In the last 30 years, synthetically produced fragrances have assumed the place essential oils once held in the marketplace.

      In the nineteenth century a Frenchman named Piesse decided that scents for perfumery could be classified in a scale similar to a musical scale. His fairly complicated system has been simplified and, today, perfume scents are divided into top, middle and base notes. A well-blended perfume must contain all three, and the final effect depends on the balance between them.

      Top notes are fresh and light. They are the first scents that you detect in a blended perfume, and are often the most volatile.

      Middle notes usually form the main character of the blend. They have a lasting scent that becomes apparent after that of the top notes. This is then complemented by the base notes.

      Base notes are rich and heavy, they are the last to be detected and probably the longest to linger. They also have fixative qualities and prevent the lighter scents from dissipating too quickly.

       Renu is big on aromatherapy. 19 out of 32 people are in a process of being certified in that sophisticated art. Certification is not mandatory to practice aromatherapy but we have a lot of respect for that powerful tool which we hope will greatly benefit our clients. We have great recipes for aromatherapy perfumes, as well as recipes for health, beauty and relaxation purposes. We use only Great A, ORGANIC oils bought from reputable sources. We also offer Ayurvedic aromatherapy skin care line.


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