Is Coconut Oil the Cure for Arthritis?

The secrets of coconut oil.

I am one of many Americans who suffers from arthritis.  Now that I’ve passed 60 years old, the disease became painful and disturbing.  My physician told me that there is not much I can do to stop or reverse it.  The anti-inflammatory drugs have severe side effects, if I would decide to take them.  I had a dog which died from severe stomach bleeding, kidney and liver damage related to a high dosage of anti-inflammatory drugs, prescribed for this type of arthritis.  After that experience I decided to take my arthritis pain with dignity, which is not always easy.  One day I read an article written by Dr. Bruce Fife, on causes and treatments of arthritis.  Accordingly to a group of scientist, arthritis is caused by bacteria and viruses attacking the joints and the cure is in the use coconut oil. 


What makes coconut oil a cure for arthritis?  Here is what Dr. Fife says. On page 78 of his book “The New Arthritis Cure”.


What makes coconut oil such an effective antimicrobial agent? And what makes coconut oil different from any other dietary fat?  The key to unlocking the secret to coconut oil’s remarkable healing powers comes from the study of human breast milk.


Years ago it was discovered that human breast milk contains a unique group of saturated fats known as medium-triglycerides (MCT’s). These fats are very different from the fats found in meats and vegetables.


When eaten, the body transforms MCTs into monoglycerides and medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), both of which possess powerful antimicrobial properties capable of killing disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and fungi.  It is due primarily to the presence of MCTs in human breast milk that protects babies from infections for the first few months of their lives, while their immune systems are still developing.  MCFAs from MCTs are nature’s antimicrobials.  They are deadly to disease-causing germs, they are completely harmless to us.


What does this have to do with coconut oil?  Like mother’s milk coconut oil also contains MCTs.  In fact, coconut oil is composed predominately of MCTs.  The MCTs in coconut oil are identical to those find in mother’s milk and possess the same antimicrobial potential.  For this reason, food manufacturers have been putting coconut oil, or MCTs derived from coconut oil, into baby formula for years in order to give the formula the same disease-fighting capability as natural breast milk.  If you fed your children formula when they were infants, you were giving them coconut oil in some form or another.


I own the book and I know that coconut oil works.  I use it three times a day to rinse my mouth and I also take coconut oil internally.  It’s only been three weeks that I have devoted myself to this routine and I’m a “free woman” again.  I walk with ease up and down the stairs, I run with my dogs and I finally sleep through the night.  On the top of everything, my gums do not bleed anymore when I brush my teeth, nothing helped this problem in the past.  If you are questioning my findings, try it for yourself, all you have to loose is pain.  To find out more about the benefits of coconut oil and a few other oils, please read the book mentioned above as well as Dr. Fife’s other book “Oil Pulling Therapy”.  Unfortunately these books are not available in book stores, you do have to go online.  I got mine through Barns and Nobles in Deerfield, and since I am a member, the express shipping was free.


Remember, take care of the best body you have ever had, your own.



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Terry August 22, 2012 at 07:24 PM
Ms Anna, how much coconut oil do you take daily? I just bought organic extra virgin coconut oil, hoping it would help the pain of my osteoarthritis. Your answer would be greatly appreciated and an update on how you are doing. Thank you. Terry
ed August 30, 2012 at 01:53 PM
I was just searching genetics and popped on to a search for coconut / arthritis...I ll share a quick note... I have crohns disease , colitis and Im gluten intolerant - have several genes that gives me this in the HLA-DQ2 area.. just saw this and read it , Im not doc and I have gone against my docs since feb 2012 - we are now in Aug. I got food poisoning dec 21st 2012 and I know what made me sick bad milk or cheese in mac /cheese I ate.. I got bacteria in me and all hell broke loose. docs said I would be on meds the rest of my life for crohns / colitis as well i started to get arthritis pain in wrist and hands. Runs in my family... After playing doc my self / researching / ( i wanted to know what was wrong not take a pill I experimented on my self...I went around my johns hopkins trainned gastro doc. I ate food from the SCD diet no starch /sugar no grains... bacteria feeds on these.. AS well ate 3 teaspoons of coconut oil a day for 4 months and drink coconut water 4 days a week.. As well took 1000mg of flaxseed oil, and 1000mg krill oil (anti inflammatory) 50mg B complex --- and 2 irons pills a week......If you remove bacteria before it damages your body in my opinion you can help your self or save you from further damage.. I had allergy test came back nothing... celiac test came back nothing( this is gluten issue) and ear nose
ed August 30, 2012 at 01:54 PM
throat doc/ sinus come back nothing... I had genetic tests for gluten hla-dq2 came back 4 genes , as well I had a two speical lab tests done not offered from medical care or a standard yet. One www.enterolab.com the other elisa act test - http://betterlabtestsnow.com/delayedallergytests.aspx First test food in gut and response to fat test the second test type 2.3.4 blood response.. allergy only test IgE type 1 .... My results - in gut high score to dairy, soy, gluten and corn..... BLood test special one results response to dairy, apples, turnip greens... I removed these foods ate everything on SCD diet , ate my coconut oil and normal now ZERO issues....use to have back pain , side pain joint pain -hands wrist, headaches couple nose bleeds a year.. all never figured out by docs-- all standard tests offered now only told me i had high markers for crohns and colitis -- as well my c reactive protein was high --as well sedimentation rate--- all low now-- retesting in nov and my general doc beats money I will be free of crohns and colitis......... many people in my family had all of these or several.. heart disease, crohns, colitis, diabetes, osteoporosis, thyroid , and arthritis.. my mom died this year with all the above and 68
ed August 30, 2012 at 01:54 PM
her brother 64 had half of these.. My opinion- is I am gluten/soy/dairy intolerant which there is no test for unless genetic tested or special not offered tests.. I feel the 3 foods above wore down my gut lining protective layer.... allowing bacteria to enter my system ... hence kill the bad bacteria that’s made it in and fix your problems that lessen your lining you fix alot --my sinus are now clear, no pain anywhere.... The keys COCONUT OIL, krill oil pil, flaxseed pil, probotics- sauerkraut or HOME MADE yogart not store bought- if you can eat it or probotic pills 80 billion… SCD diet remove starch / sugar........kill the bacteria kill and find the food causing the inflammation. COCONUT oil is an antibacterial --- several foods are as well / plus removing food that allows bacteria to grow- Read SCD diet... the other key and problem is the bacteria will deplete your vitamins/ minerals have your doc
ed August 30, 2012 at 01:57 PM
check you every 3 to 4 months to see progress on vit B12 , vit D ,calcium ,iron, folic acid , c reactive protein , sedimentation rate –these last two down your pain will be down. All my levels are normal. And cholesterol dropped….. and to note…. When you start to kill the bacteria / a die off you wil be shitting your brains out for a week….I have gone againt my docs and the normal battery and process for my issue yet ZERO meds and symptoms are gone.. my final test will be in NOV to re run gastro tests –which my general doc bets money I will be free of crohns and coltis / already c reactive protien and sed rates extremely low…. As well all vit / minerals at normal levels now
ed August 30, 2012 at 02:00 PM
I now take coconut oil 2 times a day teaspoon size..... b-complex pill every other day , krill oil pill every day, flaxseed oil pill every day , iron pill 2 days a week , eat a diet free of SOY/ gluten and almost all dairy ..... Perfect health and cholesterol... Coconut oil will make you loose weight as well from the lauric acid // plus removing grains...
precious April 16, 2013 at 01:14 PM
I'm from good news for Coconut oil we people's know about the value of Coconut oil my dad used it for every thing (
precious April 16, 2013 at 01:19 PM
Just keep up the good work we have to help our self God give us every thing that is good for us,
Lorraine May 07, 2013 at 05:41 PM
How much coconut oil a day did you say to take ? is it one teaspoon twice a day and also are you saying to tAKE FLAXSEED OIL PILL EVERY DAY.How long do i have to do this,I have so much pain in my joints it just started this yrs every were..this is crazzy,,I need help.. Lorraine
Renu Day Spa/Anna Pamula May 07, 2013 at 08:44 PM
I am not a doctor and I cannot give you advice. What I could suggest is to read the book which has all the advice and how to use it. I can only tell you that I help myself holistically and I feel almost no pain. Once again I can't prescribe any medication
Marcus November 13, 2013 at 07:37 PM
Hi Anna, Thanks for the information about coconut oil and its curing ability for arthritis. I am just about to end week one and my ankle is feeling much better already. I can't believe it. I have a question, when is the best time to take the coconut oil? I have found, through experimentation, that taking it with a meal reduces stomach upset. Are there any capsules on the market that you know of? Spooning the stuff works but it it not the most pleasant thing in the world. Not so much the taste, which is innocuous, more the oiliness. Thanks again for the tip.... Marcus (email is marcuskirkman@gmail.com)
Bambi December 31, 2013 at 10:52 AM
Marcus, There are Coconut Oil Supplements in vitamin shops and health food stores. I take a 1000 mg capsule once a day with breakfast. I have taken this for the past 2 years.
Marsha Hoyt February 17, 2014 at 06:13 PM
I've been on a high dose of methotrexate for systemic arthritis caused by a little bit of arthroscopic knee surgery done 12 years ago. I ran 10.5 miles the day before the surgery. Since then, I've gone downhill and can barely move. I've always joked that the surgeon didn't wash his hands. But, after reading this, maybe it's not a joke. I added some Virginia coconut oil to my coffee yesterday and noticed I felt better. Is this possible? I turned to the www and found your article. Brilliant! Thank you for sharing this!
Patti Cakes March 16, 2014 at 05:27 PM
I am so happy you wrote and shared the truth about what coconut oil has done for you, and I'm on week number 2 and this last week i have been PAIN FREE!! i am ritually taking 3tbs a day whether its a lil in a with scrambled eggs or sautéing....banana nut bread mmm! lol! i bath in virgin coconut oil daily...it's nothing short of amazing :) i am 41 years old i have RA, fibro, carpel tunnel, i was an athlete in jr high, softball for years all year round lol, and played tennis at a university and loved it...im just all banged up from some sports & laborious jobs, automobile accidents, screws in my right knee that left me with 90 degree range and permanent damage...i was happy to come out alive.. i was a work-a-holic! i have waited many tables and did my service in the food and beg industry...being a certified composite tech and working with fiberglass and resin...open and closed laminate..i was hard labor and not many women build yachts lol!... i did enjoy working so much, i have given birth to 3 sons and I'm almost 42 yrs old....i have had automobile accidents and the last one was the worst in 2003, shattered my right knee,...amongst other injuries including a broke nose...it was a high speed impact 70mph, it was the last and worst wreck and the Orthopedist told me he was sorry to say i would have arthritis early in life and he was very right......i still can't believe i haven't taken an ibuprofen in a week.....i stop going to pain management almost 5yrs ago but the last 2 years have been the very worst...i can say this, if you are a person that doesn't not like taking pills and you are fed up with doctors.....coconut oil is awesome!! it's real! it works!....its amazing!!! this is a life giving "super nut!" i am making so many things with it too....from toothpaste to laundry soap...wet wipes and list just keeps going lol!! i will forever use it and stay stocked up....what's better is my family is beginning to take it :D that makes me the happiest...my 2 younger sons are also taking coconut oil....my pit bullies that i adore and raise/breed....are eating the coconut oil and i use it on their scuffs and bobos...they coats ....i nibble at my coconut butter too...i find that is one of the best ways to consume your daily does if you don't cook a couple times a day or cook at all...my imagination is in ecstasy lol! 100% coconut supporter for like!


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