Stomach Fullness and the Golden Ratio

How to keep your stomach full without overeating

       Matthew Cross and Robert Friedman, M.D., in their fascinating new book The Golden Ratio Lifestyle Diet, write, “The human stomach is shaped just like a Golden Spiral. Since the stomach structurally follows the pattern of the Golden Ratio, it stands to reason that it should functionally follow it as well. This would mean that the stomach is ideally meant to be no more than 62 percent full (and 38 percent empty) after a meal, for optimal digestive efficiency. Anything higher that 62 percent full will likely impede the healthy digestive process in the same way an overloaded washing machine cannot properly wash clothes.”

       There is a handy measuring device for assessing the best amount of food to eat at a meal: your hands. “Regardless of your plate size,” say the authors, “only fill your plate with about 2/3 of your hands cupped together. The resulting portion will equal about 2/3/ of the total volume of your stomach. If you eat in a relaxed manner, pause occasionally and chew well, you will usually find this portion size amply satisfying… relaxed, mindful eating is a great way to reactivate this system and support healthy digestion.” Researchers note that it takes 20 minutes for the stomach to signal the body that it has had enough, thus slow, mindful eating can prevent overeating.


Well Being Journal

VOL.21 No.5

September/October 2012

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