The Most Valuable Lessons are those We Learn from Each Other

Learn from each other

       A life without pain is a life not lived. Pain means feeling, and there’s nothing more beautiful than feeling oneself and feeling one’s fellow.


Rabbi Yosef Paltiel


    I took Reiki classes 12 years ago because I wanted to know what it was. After the first class I came up to the teacher and said, “I learned a lot from you today”, and his replica was, “And I learned a lot from you too.” That was the first time I clearly understood that we learn from each other, and I believe that certain people are in our life to teach us lessons.

    Over a year ago I did something really little for the client of mine on the day when she was really down because of her family situation. Few days later she arrived with the book of Zohar as a gift to me. Accordingly to her, what I thought that I did almost nothing to help meant a lot to her. She gave me the book to always carry in my purse to be protected from painful events. That was the first time that I learned about Kabbalah. Also, she gave me the book “God wears lipstick”. Ever since that time I took few classes on Kabbalah. And I like that concept of spirituality.


     Yesterday the client accidentally left the book The Kabbalah of You with subtitle A Guide to Unlock Your Hidden Potential. On page 37 I found text, which I think will be very useful for all of us to read and learn how to take good and bad in life in order to live it to the very fullest.

     Da’at is depth, an intellectual tool that adds nothing to comprehension but accounts for connection and leads to personal depth.


     One with increased da’at experiences everything more acutely. This is the meaning of the verse, “An increase in da’at brings about an increase in pain.” Deeper people experience love more deeply, experience joy more deeply – they experience everything more deeply. Their lives are full of pain. Pain doesn’t necessarily mean hardship, it means sensation and intensity. It means an incredible awareness, an awareness that stems from depth of personality.


      Compassion for others is also contingent on da’at. A person who lacks the depth of da’at doesn’t feel himself, let alone somebody else. Intellectually it is possible to understand anther’s pain, but without da’at you cannot have compassion, because you don’t feel for the person.


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