5 Ways Parents Can Help Their Kids Succeed in College

Parenting advice from Mom.me on how parents can help their kids succeed in their first year of college. The hardest lesson? Letting them go.

How parents can help their kids succeed at college. Credit: Patch file.
How parents can help their kids succeed at college. Credit: Patch file.
By Marcia Watts Sagendorph

Going away to college can involve anxiety, tears, and fears of the unknown. And this is just from the parents.

As many kids just left for their freshmen year in college, parents are left behind wondering how they will survive. While Mom or Dad might think that calling and texting every day, Skyping on the weekends, solving roommate and teacher problems are the way to help, it is actually better to ask yourself, "Is this my issue?" 

This video from Mom.me, one of our partners at AOL, spells out this and other great advice from Malcolm Gauld, president of Hyde Schools, parenting expert and author of "College Success Guaranteed: 5 Rules to Make It Happen."

Parents, what has been your best tip for helping your child succeed in college? What has worked for you? Share it in the Comments section. 

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