Kellow’s Drive Pushes Warriors

Senior point guard takes her leadership role seriously for Deerfield’s girls’ basketball team.

is a combination of glue and sparkplug that holds the girls’ basketball team together and drives it through a game with boundless energy. 

The point guard on an all senior starting five, Kellow her fellow starters——have been playing together or against each other since seventh grade. 

“She always puts herself in a position to have an impact on the game,” said. “I tell her what to do and she does her best to do it.” 

Kellow’s leadership—she is one of four senior captains—was evident in in Deerfield when she almost singlehandedly brought the Warriors within three points of the Titans halfway through the third quarter. 

With both teams playing solid defense and Glenbrook South building its lead, Kellow was the Warrior who drove to the basket on three occasions to account for six points to bring Deerfield within three, 18-15. 

Twice Kellow’s drives were stifled but she was fouled making both her free throws each time. The third time she outmaneuvered the Titan defense and scored. 

“I needed to step up my game and take it to the basket,” Kellow said of her third quarter effort. “I put the ball on the floor to make something happen.” 

Muldrow was happy with the Warriors’ defensive effort as well as Kellow’s aggressive offensive play in the third quarter. 

“We held a very good Glenbrook (South) team to 40 points,” Muldrow said of the tenacity of Deerfield’s ability to guard the Titans. “It was a real good effort by our players.” 

Muldrow credits Kellow’s intelligence as part of the reason for her effectiveness either when Deerfield has the ball or it is in the hands of the opposition.  He likes the way she takes direction and transmits the message to her teammates. 

“She is very smart and that makes it easier (to coach her),” Muldrow said. “I tell her to do something once and she does her best to do it.” 

With Kellow the effort is more about leadership than brains. As one of the team’s four senior captains—Yucknut, Ranallo and Hagaman are the others—she feels the need to set an example for the rest of the Warriors. 

“We’re asked to be leaders,” Kellow said. “I want to be able to step up my game and set a good example.” 

As a senior led team which has been together for years, Kellow gets more than basketball out of her relationship with her teammates. They have become some of her best friends. 

“We’re all seniors together,” Kellow said of the starting five. “We’re friends and teammates. Sometimes we go out to dinner after the games.”


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