Safety, Security Remain Key 109 Focus in Connecticut Aftermath

Deerfield schools heighten security in light of Connecticut shooting though there is no local threat. Shooter there apparently wanted to kill his mother, a kindergarten teacher.

Though there is no local threat, a stepped up security presence around Deerfield schools is in place today , according to an email from Deerfield Public Schools District 109 Superintendent Renee Goier.

“Please don't be alarmed; there is no known or immediate threat to our schools associated with the situation in Connecticut,” Goier wrote after conferring with the Deerfield Police Department. “They (the police) will increase patrols around our schools today, so you may see more police cars and officers than usual.”

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In Newtown, , according to the Newtown Patch. For complete coverage go to the Newtown Patch.

With parents and others in the Deerfield community concerned about the Connecticut shootings, Goier felt it was important to reassure people. She stressed the ongoing vigilance by District faculty and staff.

“Safety is always the focus in the operations of our schools,” Goier wrote. “It's at the top of the minds of the teachers, administrators and all staff members who care for your students throughout the day.”

Safety protocols are regularly in place at all six schools, according to Goier. “We have established safety procedures in place across all buildings that our staff members clearly understand and diligently enforce,” she wrote. “In addition, we always work with the Deerfield Police Department to ensure the safety of our staff and students.”

Though nothing is being done differently today at Deerfield High School, security was ramped up last summer, according to Township High School District 113 Communications Director Natalie Kaplan.

“We installed new security cameras in both high schools over the summer to increase security and safety,” Kaplan said. “They have made security (monitoring) more effective.”

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MSB December 16, 2012 at 11:07 AM
As the details unfold in these tragic events, common themes seem to emerge – an unstable individual usually coupled by bullying, drug use and easy access to weapons. Before Goier pats herself too hard on the back on her preventative measures, it has recently been reported that we have a 25% bullying rate in our district and increased drug use in our high schools. Further, we’ve had the Goier/London district cuts to school social work programs where individuals now meet in group sessions instead of individually which could prevent the ability to identify and address individual needs. How many students are going to open up in front of their peers about their individual issues/concerns in a group setting in a bullying climate?


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