Scarry Dives to Fourth in State Meet

Deerfield High School diver Sean Scarry climbs with last dive.

An up and down afternoon finished very well for Deerfield High School Diver Sean Scarry today at the New Trier High School pool in Winnetka.

Scarry took a fourth place medal in the State Swimming and Diving Meet after entering the final round in third place, dropping to fifth and climbing back into fourth.

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After entering the day with 318.1 points after eight dives on Friday, Scarry was in third place six points out of second with a number of athletes close behind. He finished with 411.75.

“Finishing the way I did was amazing. I concentrated and it worked out,” Scarry said. “Making the first five would have been great. This was for experience,” the sophomore added promising to return for two more State Meets.

Scarry’s 11 team points were all the Warriors scored in the meet. Patch will have a more in depth interview with Scarry Monday.

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