South Park Student's Milkshake Makes Tom & Eddie’s Menu

A seven-year-old's milkshake creation is so well received in local fundraiser that it's put on the menu at all Tom & Eddie's locations.

There’s a new milkshake in town, it’s called “I Want S’more” and it was created by .

It’s so good, has added it to menus at all four if its restaurants including Deerfield.

In May, Tom & Eddie’s held a contest titled, “Shake It Up for Tom & Eddie’s First Anniversary” that was open to schools in Kindergarten through middle school. Six schools participated.

Students at each school were charged with creating a designer milkshake, naming it and establishing a marketing campaign. In the process, the children learned about ingredients, health standards, math, marketing and publicity.

The event raised $1,551.28 which was equally divided between the Deerfield Education Association and the Deerfield Parks Foundation, according to Communications Director Cathy Kedjidjian.

The winning shake was announced June 6, Jordyn’s I Want S’more. “I used vanilla ice cream, crushed graham crackers, syrup and marshmallows,” she said.

Jordyn is the daughter of Jodie and Jeremy Danes Deerfield.

“We are so proud of her,” said Jeremy, Jordyn’s dad. “When they announced the winner, her face just lit up. It was a perfect moment. I’ve had the milkshake several times and it’s really good.”

“Congratulations to Jordyn and South Park for creating the best milkshake,” said Ed Rensi, co-owner and founder of Tom & Eddie’s. “I believe the students learned a great deal from the project and, at the same time, had fun concocting creative milkshakes.”

As part of the contest, 10 percent of “I Want S’more” milkshake sales at Tom & Eddie’s Deerfield location throughout the month of June benefited the and the .

The Deerfield Education Foundation’s mission is to “meaningfully enhance the educational environment of District 109 by supporting inspiring programs and projects in partnership with our community”.

The Deerfield Park Foundation was established in 1983 to preserve and beautify the open space in Deerfield, to help provide amenities for its parks and to offer financial assistance to those in need.

“We feel it’s vital to support education in our communities,” said Tom Dentice, co-founder of Tom & Eddie’s. “We lend our support to a local organization whose mission is about students and families. We will always be good community partners.”

Rensi said he thought the shake contest was a success, because it was a creative way to benefit the Deerfield schools and parks.

“It’s all about charity and giving back to the community,” Rensi said.

The contest was so successful, that it will be recreated at other Tom and Eddie’s locations.

Tom & Eddie’s is a family-friendly restaurant focused on providing its customers with gourmet, fresh, never frozen, Angus burgers, personal customer service, and a relaxed and happy dining experience.

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