Gallery: Warrior JV Hockey Team Plays on Soldier Field Ice

Deerfield High School's junior varsity hockey team gets major league treatment at Soldier Field.

Editor’s Note—Dylon Field has been blogging about the Deerfield High School varsity and junior varsity hockey team. His latest blog and pictures are reprinted here in their entirety.

On Tuesday night the playoffs officially started for the varsity hockey team and they did so with a great start with a 9-4 win over CCM to take a 1-0 lead in the best out of three game series. Wednesday Morning the JV Hockey team head down to historic Soldier Field, to continue the battle of HS District 113. The sights at the field were amazing but the Warriors weren't able to be an offensive threat as they lost 6-2. Shortly after the JV loss the varsity players immediately went to Niles Iceland Skate Ice Arena to play game 2 of their best out of three game series. The Warriors won game two remarkably 7-1 to complete the two game sweep. The team’s next game is on Sunday Feb 17 at Rolling Meadows with a 9:10pm puck drop vs. the winner of the Maine Township-LFA three game series

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