Track Star Recruited by Illinois Wesleyan

Each week Patch interviews a person or group who is doing something interesting in the community. Meet this week's pick, Allie Boudreau.

Name: Allie Boudreau

School: Deerfield High School/Illinois Wesleyan University

Age: 18

Whether fall, winter, or spring, athletics and academics always fought for Allie Boudreau's energy. "I had to manage my time very wisely in order to balance the two, " Boudreau said. 

A three-season high school athlete, played four years of volleyball, three years of basketball, and four years of track. After being brought onto the varsity team and named "Most Impressive Freshman" at her spring awards night, it was clear Boudreau would dominate the sport in her later years. Yet it was not until senior year that she began to seriously focus on track. As a result, she did not participate in basketball in order to complete the entire indoor season of track (as well as work outside of school at a training facility). 

As a freshman, Boudreau qualified for the state meet in the 300m low hurdles and placed 12th overall. She qualified again as a junior. She would then take state runner-up (2nd) in the 400m dash at the indoor state meet as a senior.

Boudrea cites the Deerfield team as her inspiration. "In the freezing cold weather on Saturday morning 7 a.m. practices in the heart of winter, my teammates pushed me as I pushed them," she said. "Without my teammates running in front, alongside, and behind me, I would not be the athlete I am today." 

Coaches and trainers helped Boudreau hone the skills that would enable her to continue running post-high school. In her process of looking at schools, she leaned towards medium/small universities rather than the Big Ten Schools.

Illinois Wesleyan University offered exactly the sort of balance that attracts student athletes also heavily invested in their education. "[Illinois Wesleyan] is an academically prestigious school that would provide me with an excellent education," Boudreau said.

"It also has an exceptional track and field program and is on a level that I am competitive at. IWU women's track and field has won NCAA National Titles, participates in the Drake Relays, and most importantly, has the competitive drive to win. I knew I made the right decision when I ran in the indoor state meet this year, which IWU hosted, and had never ran as fast as I did that night than ever before, taking 2nd in state in the 400m dash."

To compete at the collegiate level, Boudreau's going to have to put a lot of time in at the weight room, but says it's all worth it. "I am a sucker for "runner's high" which is the rush of endorphins in your body after finishing a hard workout," she admitted.

"Running is my way to release my emotions in a positive, construcitve matter and at the same time, I am staying healthy."


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