Police Top Fire Dept. in Grill Off

Three-vote margin gives the Police Department its fourth consecutive victory. Some public officials name their choice while others remain mum.

A three-vote victory gave the its fourth consecutive victory over the in the annual Grill Off between the two agencies Saturday .

With Whole Foods donating the meat, buns, watermelon and chips, 79 people picked the police burgers while 76 preferred those cooked by the fire fighters. In the end, nearly $1,000 went to the Muscular Dystrophy Association as each voter purchased their plate.

“Part of it was in the barbequing but in the end it was the burger,” Deerfield Police Officer Mary Anne Glowacz said as she held the new trophy as well as the one earned a year ago.

Before the votes were counted fire fighter Tom Gutknecht, who was there with his family, was unabashed in his feelings about the food. “The money is for a good cause but we have the better tasting burger,” he said.

While the police officers and fire fighters were partisan about their recopies and grilling skills, the margin of victory could have come from some of Deerfield’s elected officials. as well as partook of the food.

Struthers and Rosenthal were clear in their choice voting for the police. “I prefer the police,” Rosenthal said. “I know what I like better.”

Jester said he enjoyed both hamburgers but refused to name his preference. “It’s a secret ballot,” he said. Morrison, the Democratic candidate running to succeed retiring , was equally non committal.

“The food is amazing,” Morrison said. “It is really, really good and the cause is better.” When asked about the better hamburger, she was silent. “I’m not willing to say.”

Morrison’s opponent in the Nov. 6 general election, , did not sample the food but stopped by to visit with the crowd. “It was a good cause,” he said. “I was glad to be out there to see everyone.”

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