Deerfield Schools Will Close Monday

District 109, Deerfield High School, Chicagoland Jewish High School and Holy Cross all cancel classes. Tuesday remains under consideration. Other organizations cancel activities as well.

Deerfield High School, Holy Cross School and all District 109 schools will close Monday because of sub zero weather.
Deerfield High School, Holy Cross School and all District 109 schools will close Monday because of sub zero weather.

There will be no school Monday in Deerfield for Deerfield High School, all Deerfield Public Schools District 109 Schools, Chicagoland Jewish High School and Holy Cross School because of temperatures not expected to rise above 10 below zero.

District 109 Superintendant Michael Lubelfeld informed all elementary and middle school families classes will not be held Monday. At this point, school will be held Tuesday but any changes will be determined Monday.

“As of right now schools are set to open on Tuesday, but due to unusually frigid polar air, we may decide to close schools on Tuesday,” Lubelfeld said in the email. “As a reminder, our school closing procedures can be found on our web site.” 

Deerfield High School not only cancelled classes because of the predicted subzero temperatures but also all after school and evening activities including rehearsals, according to an announcement on the school website

Holy Cross took the step of canceling extended day care along with classes and both after school and evening activities, according to its website

Chicagoland Jewish High School will be closed both for classes and after school activities because of the extreme cold, according to Communications Director Tara Seymour.

The Deerfield Public Library will close Monday because of the weather, according to its website, as will most Deerfield Park District programs, according to its website. Items due Monday at the library are now due Tuesday.

Patch will update this story including weather conditions later today. If you know of other cancellations please let us know in the comments or send an email to steve.sadin@patch.com and we will add it to the story. 

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