Recycle Holiday Leftovers Saturday

Recycling Extravaganza offers disposal of televisions, computers and more at Half Day Road location. Library has weekend events as well.

Recycle old electronics and more Saturday.
Recycle old electronics and more Saturday.

Recycling Extravaganza Set Saturday

Did you get a new television or computer over the holidays and are you wondering the best way to dispose of the old one?

Highland Park and the Solid Waste Agency of Lake County will hold their annual recycling extravaganza from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday at 1180 Half Day Road in Highland Park, just east of Highway 41.

In addition to electronic equipment, people can properly get rid of Styrofoam, CFL light bulbs, batteries, shoes clothing and more. None of these items can be left curbside for a regular weekday pickup.

Deerfield Public Library Offers ACT Practice and a Movie

If you are anxious to get back to academic pursuits, the Deerfield Public Library is offering a practice ACT test at 10 a.m. Saturday and a movie with a craft project at 2 p.m. Sunday for children from kindergarten through second grade.

Movies and More

If you are looking to check out one of the new movies, Patch’s Movie Friday section will let you know the convenient times for you. There are also dining experiences around the area and Chicago events.

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