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Norman Roth brings more than four decades of experience in Sales, Sales Management, Sales Training,Client Retention and Growth and Sales Processes to the table. He has a strong capability for helping small and mid size businesses grow and prosper.
He has worked in Senior level Management positions with a national pharmaceutical company and a two billion dollar global Commercial Property Leasing Company as well as a with a well known Advertising Agency. Norm has been called upon to speak at universities in their business and marketing departments, Keynore speak,mentor small businesses in incubator programs,put on business workshops for small businesses in various states, and turnaround ailing companies. Norm has been called a top trainer and was cited in the Wall Street Journal as a talented,powerful Manager,Business Trainer and New Client Developer. Norm writes a "Business Smarts" column for a local Chicago newspaper,contributes articles for national training organizations and is completing a book "Road to the Sale" soon to be published. His clients globally and domestically range is size from 10 or fewer employees to 100 employees.  Norm can be reached at 847 721-0738  mail search311@att.net website www.rothsalesenhancers.com He offices in Libertyville and Michigan Avenue in Chicago
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